Spanish Detox Retreats & Detox Holidays

Do you feel as though you need to escape everyday stresses and can’t commit to giving yourself the time to nurture your body and mind? If this describes you, we invite you to take a look at the detox holidays, health retreats and holistic retreats offered by Spanish Detox Retreats.

At our detox retreats we place great importance on creating a supportive and healing atmosphere where you’re free to relax, unwind, detox, try new things and focus solely on you. We’re on hand to guide and support you throughout your journey with the aim of bringing about transformation on all levels.

Our aim is to make your experience as holistic as possible, so that you can embrace your true potential. You will leave our retreat feeling refreshed, energised and focused, able to face your future with new vigour and a greater sense of positivity.



Spanish health retreats and detox retreats have chosen the team at The Sa-Kara Retreat, since they have a wealth of experience in detox holidays, holistic retreats, health retreats and health care. They have run their own clinic in the UK full time, and over the years they’ve coached thousands of clients back to better health and well-being. Over here in Spain they continue to do the same, but in the sun!

The Spanish Detox Retreats team at Sa-Kara bring together considerable experience and an extensive range of interests. They share a passion for health and well-being and they’re eager to do their very best for their clients.

We take on clients when we know we can do the best job for them. This is just one example of the Sa-Kara ethos: we treat our clients with honesty, courtesy and respect. This way they value our opinion and consider us part of their team.

At our Sa-Kara Retreat we’re proud to offer you The Sa-Kara Promise: as well as offering a personal 1:1 Service, we will never have more than 8 people on our detox retreats, detox holidays and health retreats at any one time, ensuring you will get the attention you deserve.



Whether you choose one of our detox holidays in Spain, weight loss retreats in Spain, mind and body detox retreats, yoga retreats in Spain or our healing and renewal retreat, our specialised programmes provide information, inspiration and ideas to help you to understand yourself and your health. At Sa-Kara we believe that optimum health is about listening to your body, mind and heart and recognising your needs – ultimately, taking charge of your own health and well-being.

By the end of one of our detox retreats or detox holidays, not only will you feel amazing, you will look amazing! Once you’ve lost kilos and eliminated retained fluid, your eyes will be shining, your hair and skin glowing and you will leave feeling mentally refreshed.



Our ‘ULTIMATE DETOX’ Retreat, is for those who have the time and dedication to really concentrate on the whole process of Detoxification, Body, Mind and Spirit. During your stay you will feel Energized, Uplifted and Refreshed after many of the treatments and programmes we offer.

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The Mind and Body Detox Retreat helps you discover any underlying emotional reasons for the physical, psychological, behavioural or life problems you have been experiencing. When we identify the emotional root cause reasons for the problem, this in turn will help resolve it!

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This structured programme is designed to guide you towards achieving and maintaining your optimal weight by identifying areas of physical imbalance and associated emotional or mental patterns. This is a lifestyle approach to long-term weight management and improved well-being.

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This structured programme is designed to guide you towards achieving and maintaining your optimal weight by identifying areas of physical imbalance and associated emotional or mental patterns.

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Our Yoga Retreat offers small yoga sessions with tailored programmes suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis alike. Daily sessions are customised to your individual skill level and goals, and include instruction in asana (physical posture), pranayama (breathing) and meditation.
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Enquire today and we will look for the best experience for you without the stress of searching for availabilities.



Please fill in our free health questionnaire so we can guide you as to what retreat will be right for your body.


    The Sa-Kara Promise.

    We offer a very personal service for all our guests, we are not a hotel, we are a small and friendly Retreat, and offer a personal 1-1 service, this enables you to have the space and time to relax and fully immerse yourself in our Retreats, and your special holiday.

    Our promise to you is that there will never be more than 8 people on a retreat at one time this ensures you that you will always have our very best individual attention at all times.

    Add-on Packages


    If during your stay you would like to totally immerse yourself and release all your Stress and Tension, we have put together a Pamper and Bliss package which you can add on to your Retreat.


    If you, like us, like to explore the wider area, we have an exciting range of extra activities for you, why not join us and immerse yourself in the
    beauty of the local area.