If during your stay you would like to totally immerse yourself and release all your Stress and Tension, we have put together a Pamper and Bliss package which you can add on to your Retreat.


Choose from:

1. A Hot Stone Lava Shell Massage
2. A Deep Tissue Massage
3. A Lava Shell Therma Facial
4. Reflexology
5. Seikhem Egyptian Reiki Healing
6. Bowen Technique
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If you, like us, like to explore the wider area, we have an exciting range of extra activities for you, why not join us and immerse yourself in the beauty of the local area.



1. Take a Walking Tour around the cliff top village of Ronda
2. Granada – Alhambra and Generalife Walking Tour.
3. Visit a Traditional ‘Tablao ‘Flamenco Show
4. Flamenco /Sevillanas Dance Class
5. Kayaking in The LAKES of The NATURAL PARK.
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If you would like to feel more refreshed, energized or want to lose a few inches then why not try our Detox package.

The Colonic treatment that we offer is NOT a do it yourself self administered treatment, that most centres offer, we offer the professional Colonic treatment using a Gravity fed system, and your practitioner supports you throughout the process and we always use disposable equipment.
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With this package you have the opportunity to IDENTIFY what things are going wrong in your health, whether it’s the food you are eating that may be causing bloating, tiredness, illness etc.

Or you may want to look more deeply, like us, and know what is really at the root of your health problem, then we recommend the Full Advanced Plus + Analysis, or what we commonly call THE FULL BODY MOT , this will identify if there are any problems with your Hormones, what Body Organs are stressed, how your cells are functioning, and if there any low grade infections present that keep on recurring as well as identifying what foods your body has difficulty with.
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