If you, like us, like to explore the wider area, we have an exciting range of extra activities for you, why not join us and immerse yourself in the beauty of the local area.

1. Take a Walking Tour around the cliff top village of Ronda

Ronda is one of Andalucía’s loveliest towns, steeped in history. It stands on a towering plateau in the mountains of Malaga Province, and is famous through Spain for the plunging river gorge which divides the medieval from the 18th century parts of the town. This gorge is known as El Tajo – The Cliff and is spanned by a stone bridge, which once housed a prison. Visitors love to peer down into the gorge, to see the waters of the River Guadalevín.

Here you will take a walking tour to visit the:

• Plaza De Toros
• Collegial church of Santa Maria Le Mayor
• Arab Baths
• The Citadel

2. Granada – Alhambra and Generalife Walking Tour.

One of the ‘Wonders of The World Half-day take a privately guided visit of Granada and the Generalife Gardens. Alhambra is more than a just a palace; it is an entire walled city within the city of Granada. There are royal apartments, forts, gardens, pavilions, barracks etc. All this surrounded by an impressive wall.
The Generalife of Granada are the only example of Arab art which gives us an approximate idea of how these gardens used to be, where the Arab spirit, in all its sensually instinctive and improvised construction, was finally carried away…

The name ‘Generalife’ means ‘garden of the architect’. The Generalife is located on the hill Cerro del Sol, adjacent to the Alhambra. Originally it was most probably an architect’s house that later passed to the Arab kings and was remodelled.

The Generalife is composed of a series of large gardens, where every corner holds a novelty and a pleasant surprise for the eyes, with a minimum of obtrusive buildings.

The Alhambra complex includes:

Generalife gardens with all the waterfalls, buildings, plantations, etc
The Carlos V Palace (a modern, though incomplete addition)
The Alcazar (fort & gunnery)
Nasrid Palaces

3. Visit a Traditional ‘Tablao ‘Flamenco Show

The shows are developed mainly in the Tablao (Intimate) singing style, where people may
enjoy an unforgettable evening of flamenco by local dancers.

4. Flamenco /Sevillanas Dance Class

Learn about the most passionate dance in the world – in the place it was invented!!
The Flamenco /Sevillanas Dance Routine will bring you up close to the passionate world of flamenco, possibly modern Andalucía’s greatest cultural gift to the wider world. Flamenco has strong roots in the gypsy communities of Seville, Cadiz, Jerez and Granada, but its precise origins are far from clear and at times legend and fact seem to exist as one. Learn the basic steps, which will enable you to join in a Spanish Feria (fair).

5. Kayaking in The LAKES of The NATURAL PARK.

Join us for an enjoyable day’s paddling excursion on quiet lakes and rivers in Natural Parks and inspiring landscapes. Kayaks are sit on top models – easy to manoeuvre and require no previous experience. All equipment, permits, instruction and insurance included.