How It Works

The Mind and Body Detox Retreat helps you discover any underlying emotional reasons for the physical, psychological, behavioural or life problems you have been experiencing. When we identify the emotional root cause reasons for the problem, this in turn will help resolve it! When you detox your mind of limiting beliefs, negative emotions and ineffective behaviours, you can then make more conscious choices. So by changing your mind and changing your perspective you can then truly change your life for the better!

Our retreats have been created to help you to detox your body and mind , revitalise your health and wellbeing and to reconnect with your true nature in a more deep and meaningful way. We achieve this by combining healthy eating, gentle exercise, informative and inspirational teachings, and therapies along with providing you with practical advice, tools and techniques you can use at home.
During our retreats we combine proven therapies and amazingly effective methods to help you to enjoy true, wealth, love and happiness, for life. We help you to ‘change your mind’ and ‘change your relationship with your mind’ in order to aid the healing of both your life problems and physical conditions and to reconnect with your inner peace and happiness in a permanent way.

What are our Mind & Body Detox Retreats?

Mind Detox Talks and 1-1 Sessions during our life-changing retreats we can help you to understand the mind-body connection, how your thinking  works, your relationship with your thoughts and show you how you can go about changing your mind and changing your  relationship with your mind, so that you can experience more joy, happiness, health, wealth, vitality and peace in your life!

By introducing you to simple techniques during our retreats, we also provide you with the tools for increasing your awareness of the relationship you have with your thoughts. By becoming more aware of your thoughts and your thinking you can then learn to let them go and gently move your awareness to the present moment.Through the use of profoundly simple techniques and regular practice you will notice that your once ‘busy mind’ seems less so, you are no longer a ‘slave to your thoughts’ and you are living your life in a more ‘present’ way.This is what we mean by changing your relationship with your mind’.

We also offer the opportunity for you to take part in some gentle exercise classes (included in the retreat price). A typical retreat morning will normally start with either yoga and relaxation,  tai chi or a gentle early morning walk. All classes are tailored to suit both beginner and more experienced participants alike.
Included in your  Holiday will be a 1-1 Health Analysis,(our Full Body MOT) covering Nutrition, Food Intolerances, Vitamin& Mineral deficiencies, cell health etc etc.

Why the Mind & Body Detox is Important

Often without realising it, most people often block or sabotage the life or body they want through out-of-date and emotionally-charged negative beliefs and subconscious programming. Most people have done this at some stage in their lives and unfortunately many still continue to do so.
With our mind and body in constant communication, our thoughts and emotions can create physical changes in our bodies. In this way, negative emotions can show up as physical problems.
We all know how quickly a thought in our mind can create almost instantaneous physical changes in our ‘internal’ world (our bodies) – like when our mouth waters when someone starts describing our favourite meal. This is what we mean by the ‘mind-body connection’. Our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs also affect our ‘external’ world – the type of people and experiences we attract and our overall enjoyment (or lack of enjoyment) of our lives and our relationships with others.
When you carry around many toxic thoughts and emotions, it can have a severely limiting affect on your life happiness and success. And when you combine that with a lifetime of unresolved negative emotions, this in turn can create dis-ease within your body potentially negatively impacting both your physical and emotional health.

Our Mind & Body Detox retreats provide you with simple yet effective inspiration, advice, tools and techniques that you can easily and effectively apply in your ‘real life’. We help you let go of any emotionally charged negative emotions and beliefs or any subconscious (mind) programs which may be sabotaging your health and happiness or simply holding you back.
Ultimately, our retreats are about empowering the individual (you!), where we can help you to discover and heal the reasons for your life problems and show you simple yet effective guidance, techniques and tools so that you can more easily move forward in your life in a much more empowered, happy and fulfilled way!
So, our Mind & Body Detox Retreats offer you the opportunity to detox both your life, mind, & body and more importantly, learn valuable and practical tools and techniques so that you can more easily experience more peace, happiness, health, wealth and vitality in your life! Join us on one today!

Our Programme and What is included ?

  • All inclusive fresh Juices and light nutritious broths/Salads.
  • Three Professional Colonic Treatments with our Famous Coffee Enemas or/Choose our Hot stone Colon Massage.
  • All Accommodation and Pool Towels
  • Full Body MOT Health Analysis
  • Free one hour Massage treatment
  • Free one hour Reflexology Treatment
  • Highest quality Probiotic and Vitamin supplements
  • Free Pick up and Return from the Airport (various shuttle Times)
  • Daily Yoga , Tai Chi or Relaxation classes
  • Two personal  1-1 Mind Detox Sessions
  • Education classes on various topics, including Nutrition, Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Body image, Demystifying Diets, Meditation,etc

          Post Detox dietary advice