If during your stay you would like to totally immerse yourself and release all your Stress and Tension, we have put together a Pamper and Bliss package which you can add on to your Retreat.

Choose from:

A Hot Stone Lava Shell Massage 

New Cost £65

Lava Shell Massage is a most luxurious Massage using the smooth Lava Shells which are a 100% Natural Tiger clam,sand polished to give a smooth feel and touch.The Lava Shells are heated and then massaged over your body.

The Media’s response to Lava Shell Massage:

Daily Express, The Lava Shell Massage
“The heat and smoothness of the shells, combined with the massage strokes, induced a feeling of calm and relaxation.” “I didn’t want to leave the room.”

Daily Telegraph, Shell out for this relaxing treat
“I felt that deliciously weird combination of refreshed and relaxed.” “I had underestimated this treatment.” “The combination of heat and a good massage delivers the goods.” “I wandered out in a little cloud.”

A Deep Tissue Massage

Choose a Deep Tissue Massage ,which uses deeper strokes and techniques to unwind the tension in those tight and tense muscles,we combine essential oils to help soothe and tone the muscles,to leave you feeling relaxed but invigorated.

A Lava Shell Therma Facial

 A rich warm rejuvenating Lava shell Facial


Reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt,India and China,It wasn’t until 1913 that it was introduced to the West. It was understood that each part of the foot and sole related to an area of the body,thereby rubbing or massaging these areas,would bring the body back to health and well being.
Reflexology can be a relaxing and interesting experience,as you find out what areas of your body are in or out of balance.

Seikhem Egyptian Reiki Healing 

Reiki and Seikhem are both forms of healing that work to relax and rebalance the individual. Reiki was founded in Japan and Sekhem in Egypt. Sekhem is connected with our own empowerment for both healing and spiritual development

SEIKHEM is a healing energy once used and taught in the temples of ancient Egypt, originating from the star system Sirius.

How does Seikhem Work?

In the healing sessions the practitioner will places their hands on or near to the body and passes the Seikhem Energy to the recipient. The experience is inspirational, healing and sometimes profoundly spiritual.

Bowen Technique 

The Bowen Technique is a gentle,subtle and relaxing whole body treatment,which uses gentle rolling type of movements over the muscles of the body.
The Bowen Technique aims to balance the whole body not just the symptoms,and has been succesful in treating back and neck pain, Muscle pain, Sciatica, Sporting injuries, Hayfever and Sinus problems.